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Gear Review #1 ~ Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I began camping thinking that a hammock was a luxury, a nicety as opposed to a necessity. Once I got one, I realized ~ I was mostly pretty much wrong.

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Me, enjoying my Wise Owl Hammock in Millersylvania State Park.

A hammock increases your reclining relaxation options by 100%.

If the trees are a little sappy, you can improvise with some paper towels!

I was gifted my Wise Owl by a dear friend as a thank you for a weekend Girl's retreat. I was delighted, as I'd seen other folks posting on instagram about where they had hammocked. It seemed like a portable chair. But it wasn't until I threw it into my gear bag for my 58th birthday trip that I realized - it is so much more than a camp chair. Relaxing in a hammock is like being in a gentle sailboat in movement... and other than in your tent (which is ALSO nice, especially without a rainfly if sun is certain) you don't really have another camping reclining relaxation option without one.

Features & Functions

I haven't been in any hammock other than my Wise Owl... so some of these features may also exist in other hammocks. Here's what I do know, though: they are in the Wise Owl, and the construction and product design are great.

  • Easy to pack/unpack: It comes with an attached duffle that doubles as a beverage or phone holder (so handy!) when the hammock is deployed. It actually fits, easily, into the duffle, just stuffing it in; no tricks to maneuver or contort, no particular order, just stuffs right in there. And since attached - you won't lose it.

  • It is complete: Comes with two very sturdy flat straps, and hooks; everything you need to get it around a few trees right out of the gate. The straps, rolled tightly, really DO fit back into the duffel at the top once it's packed with the hammock.

  • It is comfortable size. The single fits well, I am a 5'5" average, not-tiny woman who is NOT in triathlon shape, and it is comfortable. They DO make doubles as well... I'd say if you are bringing your dog, get a double. If you are hammocking with a friend, get everyone their own for maximum relaxation.

  • Lightweight material, very sturdy construction. I've been using mine both at home (I told you... it's kind of addicting) and camping for a year now, and it shows no signs of wear.

  • I add some bedding for max comfort. A light blanket below, a small pillow, and a light blanket above. the material is nylon, so it conveys the coolness of the air temp to whatever is laying in it.

  • Comes in fun colors. There are a ton of fun duotone color combinations to express your inner owl. And, for those times when you ARE camping in community, you'll know your owl from the others.

  • Affordable price. Around $28 for a single. They make an amazing gift.

  • You can accessorize. You can go crazy and get mosquito netting and even a rainfly to go over it, so you can still hammock regardless of rain or bugs. There is bedding you can buy to sleep in your hammock out under the stars.

A year ago, I'd have said that was extreme. But, that was a year ago. Before my Wise Owl.


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