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Gear Review #14 ~ SwissGear Trekking Poles (legacy)

I hadn't used my trekking poles much until I saw my mom use hers. I'd had mine for years, but the alternate tips were still fastened to the handle, used only a few times. I decided to bring one out on a recent muddy spring trail walk~ I loved it!

Shop: Bought mine at Joe's Outdoor years ago... various outdoor retailers

Pictured: My pole, in its natural environment

Use this review as a general review - since I've had my poles for years, you aren't likely to find them except at a used gear sale or in the REI Garage Sale area, etc.

The poles are telescoping, so easy to keep in the car for spontaneous use. The telescoping locks well. They are lightweight, as far as my needs; backpackers, etc. may have different needs, but for my car-camping and day walks, these are great.

Pictured: The grip and wristband

I found the molded grip to be comfortable, and the wrist strap well-fitting, as well. The cap at the top of my model flips up to reveal a small compass and a light... I find these features to be unnecessary for my needs, and superfluous. And they are not particularly good ones, so I am not figuring these are an asset. I never flip my cap open. I think this feature has been eliminated in more current models.

Pictured: Optional tips come with - for snow, boggy, and hard surfaces.

I have not tried the alternate tips and baskets, so I can't speak to their usefulness. I appreciate that it comes with them for future (now that I am finally using the poles!)

Pictured: Its time to hit the trails (pictured: St. Edward State Park

Current models around $15-$25/pair from Dick's or other outdoor retailers. Worth it.

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