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Gear Review #15 ~ Wren Handheld Compass

It has been a bit since I did any wayfinding. I don't go at it hardcore, or for survival - I am just interested to see if I can locate myself and create a path and direction.

So this compass is perfect for that application.

Shop: Bought mine as I recall as part of an outdoor box from Nomadik

Pictured: Open and ready for business

Pictured: Closed and locked, pocket-ready

It's got nice, sturdy metal ABS and aluminum case. Considered "military" I find it to be a well-made compass.

Pictured: Opening from lock shows the hinged sighting slot and lens face protector over it

Pictured: Open and ready, you can see the luminous glow-in-the-dark dial,

Pictured: Features outlined

$12-$15 Bespoke Post is currently sold out, but can find comparable elsewhere. Worth it for fun.

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