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Gear Review #13 ~ BruTrek BaseCamp 48 French Press

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

You know me and my relationship to coffee, by now. ESSENTIAL. And especially vital to my camping experience. I live for coffee by the campfire in the mornings. AND I've broken TWO glass-sided French presses. So THIS was a FIND!

Shop:, Amazoncom, and various outdoor retailers

Pictured: Fresh out of the box, and I'm not caffeinated. Let's GO!

Pictured: The instructions ROCK. Simple, straightforward, and visuals

It's just like the regular French press you know and love - but it is heavy duty, and it is indestructible, by mishap or poorly packed or blown over by the weather... my word, there WILL. BE. COFFEE.

Pictured: In goes the ground coffee

Pictured: Add hot water warmed on the camp stove. One pot of water just about fills mine.

Pictured: Add the top with attached plunger with filter; screw on but don't depress the plunger

When the coffee has steeped/brewed sufficiently, slowly push the plunger down, which moves keeps the grounds at the bottom and allows the brewed coffee to rise above and be accessible through the pour spout. You'll feel resistance, but it will plunge smoothly.

There is a hard spout seal that then lifts up, over the depressed plunger top, and locks open on the other side. When you are done pouring, replace it over the spout and lock - it keeps the heat in, and keeps accidental tips from taking your precious bean juice. At this point when locked, it is highly transportable. It is also double-wall insulated, so it keeps the coffee HOT, for your whole morning and several cups by the campfire.

Pictured: Spout is locked in the pour position. Let that sweet nectar flow into my mug!!

Pictured: Come to Mama

Pictured: And here's cup One of the day. Or Three. Hard to tell - but they're all HOT!

Around $70 from Bespoke Post, Amazon, other outdoor retailers. Worth it.

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