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Gear Review #7 ~ Murphy's Naturals & Rooted Beauty

I have my in-camp favorites for keeping bugs and chapped lips at bay - but it's nice to have pocket-sized things to just grab and hit the trail or the lake with - so I'm covering two solid paste balms that do me a solid when camping!

Pictured: The easy-carry tin of Murphy's Naturals Mosquito repellant Balm

The .75 oz tin is perfect for your pocket, and smells delightfully of lemongrass, rosemary, and peppermint. it doesn't feel greasy, easy to apply to face ears, neck, backs of hands and arms, and I found it very effective. It is deep-free and all plant based. $~5.99 on website, and can find it out and about at some retailers as well - but on the website you can stock up on repellant candles, spray, and relief balms as well. Makes a GREAT stocking stuffer for your outdoors folks.

Pictured: Rooted Beauty Smoothing Lip Balm

I ordered this because I was out of Burt's Bees, and full disclosure, I thought it said "soothing" lip balm. I'm not sure what smoothing does on a lip, but I CAN tell you this is yummy stuff. It IS soothing, and the chia and argan oil makes for a nice blend. The peppermint is cooling and the effect is long-lasting, and I do love the oval large size for application. About ~$3.99 at Grove Collective.

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