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Gear Review #5 ~ Atomic Beam Camp Lantern

You need one a couple of camp lanterns. They've come a looooong way since the one I had as a kid, with burning bags and fuel and an air pump that got incredibly hot to the touch. LEDs make them safe, long-lasting, lightweight, inexpensive and versatile.

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Pictured: Reading (easily) at camp picnic table with dinner, with the Bulbhead Atomic Beam.

What I love about this lantern is its versatility in every aspect. It is lightweight and compact, with metal legs/handles that fold up parallel with the compacted lantern. The lantern can be extended a little for a soft beam in the cabin or reading at dusk; or a lot for full light to do tasks by; cooking, working on my fishing gear, writing, etc.

Pictured: There is a folding hook in the top that extends to hook over a branch or in a tent ceiling loop

Entirely portable, it can come with me on the trail to the restrooms, can hang over the dishpan as I do dishes, sits on the picnic table as I dine or read. The extremely variable beam makes it a single all-purpose light - I use it more than a hand-held flashlight.

Pictured: Hooked in the loop at the center of my tent peak, it is perfectly safe and a great overall light for getting ready for the sleeping bag. After that, it's down by my head for night reading.

At time of this writing, it's $19.99 at ~ a great value for a great camp tool!

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