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Gear Review #4 ~ REI Rainier Women's Rain Jacket

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I was wearing a lined men's rain jacket, for years. And then I was in REI for something else, and it was raining, and I found THIS. And I wore it out, tags and all. (I paid for it first ;) )

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Pictured: Me in the REI Women's Rainier Rain Jacket in Asparagus/Frosted Meadow colorway

I was first drawn to the colors as I sailed past the rack. It comes in solids also, but I liked all the color blocked combo's, which are at this time of writing on sale. The material is great - really really lightweight, which was an attractive alternative to my current lined rain jacket, which makes me choose between being dry from the rain and being all wet inside from sweat if I'm walking on a trail for any length of time. It is made of their Peak 2.5-layer *recycled content* ripstop nylon (YES, you saw it, recycled content- and it's no less than you'd expect from REI.) The hood has multiple adjustments for a good fit depending on conditions, and can tuck away completely if not needed. The fit is good - generous for going over layers comfortably, the length is great, just past hip. My only complaint was the sleeves seemed long, I have to roll them... then I read the features :) and saw they are designed long with hook and loop to seal out snow and wind.

Pictured: The interior is as thoughtful and functional as the exterior.

Upon investigation, the interior has a lot going for it - all you hoped for but more than you would expect in a jacket at this price point.

  • Sealed seams for waterproof protection

  • Weatherproof front zip, with nice deep tab, and also velcro tabs

  • Interior drop-in pockets that are deep enough to keep items safe

  • Pit zips to keep ventilation during exertion

  • Drawcord hemline

Pictured: the hood adjusts with velcro tab at back AND ripcords at sides, and rolls into velcro pocket if not needed.

Pictured: My awesome sister Karen, who went right out and got hers when she heard how much I loved mine. She's wearing the heck out of Chocolate Plum/Red Tannin.

While not made in the USA, it is made in a certified Fair Trade Factory, and is bluesign certified, which is a system that addresses resource use, occupational safety, and stringent controls for water and air pollution.

This IS a rain jacket, but it is not a *rainproof* shell. It's water resistant, and a wind shell up to 60 mph. It is not gore-tex or other specifically waterproof technology, nor should you expect it to be so at this price point. It is a great lightweight shell for wind and some rain ~ spitting rain, misting, light showers. You can't turn a fire hose on it (and let's face it, in the Pacific Northwest rain CAN be like that at times) and remain dry. Everything according to its purpose.

This jacket is less than $100 at regular price, and FAR less than $100 on sale. I like it SO much I had to talk myself out of going and getting a second one, to have when this one wears out. But I don't see that happening for a long time.

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