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Gear Review #12 ~ Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

Coffee is central to my mornings. Coffee at the campfire in the mornings is one of my singular camping pleasures. I do have ground coffee in my camp pantry at all times... but this gadget adds a bit of manual pleasure, allowing fresh ground if I feel like it.

Shop: various locations (it is out of stock where I purchased it)

Pictured: The components of fresh-ground camp coffee

There's no electricity in my campsites, which is something I like. A hand burr grinder (burrs as opposed to blades) lets me set the grind, and mix my beans for some custom variations. It took a bit of getting the hang of it, as has been my experience with all of solo camping; but that's part of the experience.

Pictured: Here comes the coffee!

Pictured: A perfect morning

This falls under the header of "niceties" rather than necessities, for sure. It's a good one to put on your Christmas list for someone who wants to support your camping fun to give you. Pricing around $24-$48. Definitely don't go above that, and I'd stay to the lower end. If you are usually going for a weekend, it's not SO rough, drinking coffee you ground on a Friday morning for Saturday and Sunday. :)

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