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2BW #7 ~ Smoked Salmon (or other seafood) Alfredo

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

This is one I make at home for "fancy"... and I realized, heck, THIS is easy and would be SO SO good on a crisp spring or fall night camping. It almost makes itself.

Pictured: Everything you need for a kickass main dish on two burners.

This is so easy because it uses jarred sauce, your seafood, and pasta. That's pretty much it, for the main dish. So you can vary all those to make quite a variety of dishes. I like to make this on night #2, and bring leftovers home to microwave after the drive home. IF there are leftovers. It's pretty good; and if I've been meander-hiking... there may not be.

2BW #7 - "Whatever~Seafood" Pasta Alfredo


  • Sauce

    • 1 Jar of your favorite cream pasta sauce: Alfredo, Four Cheese, etc.

    • ~ 1 Cup of your favorite pre-cooked seafood~ hard-smoked salmon (not lox-type) is a favorite; bay shrimp; cooked prawns; cooked crab meat (for this I back it off to 1/2 Cup); even solid white albacore tuna (but only this variety ~ and if I use this, it's water packed, 1 can, well-drained)

  • Pasta

    • a heaping handful of your favorite pasta. I like spaghettini, or thin spaghetti; I find angel hair a bit TOO thin. But regular spaghetti, linguini, even an elbow macaroni are good choices.

    • 1 tsp (or glug) light oil from your camp kitchen pantry supplies

    • Water for cooking

  • Toppings

    • Shaved or shredded parmesan

    • A bit of parsley if you like

  1. Empty your jar of sauce into your smaller pot, and add your seafood

  2. Add oil to water, get a rolling boil, and add your pasta

  3. Grab your bagged salad and make a side salad; throw a sourdough roll you brought on the campfire grill toward the outside near embers rather than flames (watch it closely! have a spare!) and crack open a nice hard cider, because dinner is imminent.

  4. Pay attention to your sauce, and stir frequently. Campstove flames are har to control, and tend to be FULL ON or OFF, and a cream sauce can easily burn on the bottom, which really ruins it. Imean, edible, but not enjoyable. Ideally you want it to simmer until all ingredients are nice and heated through - but you aren't cooking anything, you are heating, so no need to overdo.

  5. When pasta is al dente, drain in a colander, place on your plate; pour on the seafood sauce, top with the parmesan if you have it and if desired, rescue your roll from the fire and butter, dress the salad, and FEAST.

Store leftovers in lidded food storage container (or back in the pasta jar) next to ice in the ice chest.

Pictured: the complete meal as I do it. Your sides may vary. It will all be *delicious.*

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