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2BW #16 ~ "Beef" Stroganoff

This is a combo riff off an old boyfriend's mom's beef stroganoff, and my mom's hamburger stroganoff. This time I made it on just ONE burner (since I FORGOT my two burner stove at home! AGH!) but it's still doable even so!

Pictured: Beyond Beef hits the protein notes with plant protein that tastes great!

This is a great one to shortcut at home ~ when you are browning hamburger, or chili meat like a mix of ground chuck and pork, etc. or Beyond Beef or "Impossible Beef," brown some extra and throw it in the freezer. It can help keep things in your ice chest on camp Day One, and then contributes the protein and cuts the time between your beach hike and dinner on the picnic table.

If I'd had my usual two burner stove, I'd start the Success Rice (boil in bag, a favorite for me in camping) and then get going on the stroganoff. Since I only had one burner this time, I cooked the rice first, and rolled the drained rice bag up in foil, covered it with a kitchen towel to keep warm.

Pictured: Boil in Bag Success Rice (but pasta or even mashed potatoes work)

I brought cooked Better Than Beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, and started with that in the pot with some butter and sliced mushrooms (you can use what you've got~ white, crimini, etc. Even canned mushrooms in a pinch, although fresh is my preference.) Drain if needed.

Pictured: Getting started with browning protein and mushrooms in a little butter (avocado or olive oil works too)

Next step is some kind of tomato sauce - can be canned tomato sauce, or pasta sauce. Add, cover, and cook long enough to thicken and let all those flavors meld. You can add crushed garlic if you have it, or garlic powder, if you like garlic in things (I do.) Remember, camp stoves have two heat levels - really high and basically off. So simmer needs to be watched and is not a long interval as it would be at home.

Pictured: Add in your tomato elements, and simmer till you're too hungry.

After that, it's add sour cream to taste and consistency you like, heat through as low as you can heat, and then you are ready to serve yourself over rice or pasta.

Throw an ear of corn in the rice or pasta water and you've got a good vegetable side, have some green salad and listen to the katydids and frogs as night falls.

Stroganoff a la Solo Camping


  • 1/2 lb ground protein

  • 2 T butter or cooking oil (I favor avocado, but canola or olive will work fine)

  • Salt & pepper. Garlic or garlic powder to taste if desired.

  • Tomato or tomato-based pasta sauce (1 soup-sized can, or 1/2 a jar pasta sauce)

  • 3/4 Cup sour cream, or to taste


  • Cooked rice or pasta for serving (about 1/2C dry per serving)


  • Brown protein in butter or oil. Drain if needed.

  • Rewarm or cook rice or pasta in pot on second burner, cover and keep warm, watch that it doesn't burn! Very easy to do so on a camp stove.

  • When protein is browned, add sauce, and simmer until sauce is slightly thickened, stirring frequently.

  • When sauce has thickened, add sour cream, mix, and heat thoroughly - really watch it, so it doesn't burn!

  • Plate rice or pasta, spoon stroganoff over.

  • Take that plate over by the fire and fill your belly with goodness as you listen to the fire!

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