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2BW #13 ~ Camp Classics ~ Sloppy Joes JoeSoloCamp

I admit it - am a sucker for a Sloppy Joe! I'll get a craving flung on me and I'll look forward to them every night, 4-5 nights in a row. But camping - oh, man, the BEST!

Pictured: Both burners cookin' - but neither of them has meat. Whaaaatttt???!

I've started using Beyond Beef for my ground beef recipes... it is a meat substitute, and before you go getting all cray-cray on me, I do eat and enjoy meat. For reasons personal and planetary health-oriented, I have challenged myself to explore a few more meatless meals a week than previous, and I have found this to be a totally painless substitution that I wouldn't even know was happening if I wasn't the person preparing. NOW... you REALLY DO know it when you get it out of the wrapper and put it in the pan. It looks and smells like Alpo. Not appealing, I grant you. You HAVE to push through that part! Because as soon as it starts to brown, it smells smokey and wonderful, and looks and has the exact same visual and mouth texture as ground beef. TRULY. I actually prefer the taste - the smokiness is delicious.

Pictured: I use the traditional Manwich brand Sloppy Joe. And I wouldn't do otherwise.

Pictured: Dinner is SERVED!!! I like mine with a little mayo, a campfire toasted bun, sharp cheddar, and red onions.

Sloppy JoeSoloCamp

Like all Camp Classics, there's no real recipe here - just ingredients to bring!


  • 1 lb ground beef OR Beyond Beef (you'll have leftovers, and you'll be glad!)

  • 1 Can Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce

  • Your favorite bun (mine is BBQ sized Franz sesame - but whatever you please!)

Optional toppings:

  • I thick slice or two thin slices of your favorite cheese per manwich

  • Mayo

  • Chopped or sliced red onion

  • Sliced or chopped dill pickle - some folks like this!

  • Whatever else you usually have on your Sloppy Joe's


  • Brown your protein over med flame until thoroughly cooked through and browned

  • Put corn on the cob, or Kraft Mac & cheese macaroni (if having) on to boil on second burner. But potato salad, chips, fresh fruit, pasta salad... all good sides!

  • Drain protein of fat, and add your opened can of Manwich sauce

  • Pop a bun open and on your grill over the fire if you feel brave (and have extras) to toast it, but watch it like a hawk! And set away from glowing embers or flames!

  • Heat your Manwich mix through until bubbling

  • Grab your bun, smear a bit of may on, add the Manwich, cheese, onions, etc if desired.

  • Serve up your corn, mix up your Kraft Mac & Cheese, or spoon up whatever sides you have brought along to bring this masterpiece of a camp dinner home.

  • Bring the roll of paper towels to the table. You'll need them. Napkins won't cut it.

  • DIG IN!

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