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2BW #3 ~ PANCAKES!!!! (Yes, I AM shouting!)

The 2 Burner Camp Cookstove was MADE for breakfast; and camping breakfast (or brunch, or breakfast-for-dinner) is MADE for pancakes. All the kinds. Mmmmmm.

The key is Keep It Simple. 95% of the time, you want to use an add-water pancake mix. Pictured: Krusteaz Light & Fluffy Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix.

Not all add-water mixes are equal, and this pancake mix is something you want to keep in a ziploc in your Camp Pantry through each camping season. Be sure if you are completely removing it from its container to go into your camp supplies that you copy down or cut out the water-to-mix info and put it in the bag, or write it with a sharpie on the bag. Confession: I have my staple one in the pantry, but I also often bring a fancier one as well. I am a Camp Pancake Girl.

Pictured: A perfect Kodiak Cake.

My favorite Just-add-water mixes are:

  • Krusteaz Light & Fluffy Buttermilk - This one wins for inexpensive, great every time, and since they are a bit of a blank canvas, terrific for adding ingredients to (more on that a bit later in this post!)

  • Snoqualmie Falls Original Pancake Mix - You have to kind of really want this one. It used to be available at Fred Meyers, but now is only at the Snoqualmie Falls online shop But so glad it is! This is the mix served at the amazing Salish Lodge at the top of Snoqualmie Falls, as well as The Columbia Gorge Hotel. These are killer pancakes. They will spoil you for other mixes.

  • Kodiak Cakes Powercakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix - These are 100% whole grain, have 14g of protein for that hike or a full morning of fishing, and taste great! I add JUST a touch of honey from my camp pantry to the batter.

  • Kodiak Cakes Powercakes ~ Dark Chocolate Version - Say WHAT now??! YES. Imagine adding fresh raspberries, marionberry pancake syrup. Or just as-is, grabbing them warm off the spatula, rolling them up, swiping them in butter, and shoving them in your mouth. Yes, I said it.

Pictured: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancakes with a scramble on the side

Sometimes, you want to get a little fancier - you've planned ahead, and you have eggs and milk and butter to melt and add to the scenario:

  • Trader Joe's Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix - I know it's not PC to say, but the accolade here is you won't believe you are eating gluten free. These look and taste great! Terrific texture. Requires an egg and melted butter, in addition to the mix and water.

  • Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix - this one you have to plan WAY head for :) It's seasonal in the fall and winter - so I stock up on a box every other trip looking ahead to the summer months of camp breakfasts. Requires milk, an egg, and melted butter in addition to mix (no water.) These are SO SO good, and paired with a dark maple syrup and fully-cooked chicken, pork or veggie link sausages over the other burner? Nirvana.

Super pancake camp hack - liquid eggs that come in a carton are SO easy to store in the ice chest. Cartoned eggs can get damp, break, fall out, etc on Day Two.

Pictured: Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pancake Mix and Pancakes

Add-ins: Feel free to bring these, and then you have OPTIONS when the morning comes and the birds are singing and the squirrels are scolding and your coffee water is starting to bubble and your campfire is giving off that great woodsmoke aroma...

  • Fresh blueberries - a *classic*

  • Fresh banana, sliced

  • Fresh berries (blackberries, marionberries, raspberries)

  • Chopped pecans

Plop them into the batter in the skillet before turning.

Now, let's say you love to cook, and cooking in the camp brings you joy. Then feel free to pack the ingredients for homemade-from-scratch pancakes. Some of my family favorites are corn cakes, made with cornmeal - or these yummy and so-satisfying Oatmeal Pancakes. I eat these with butter and honey, instead of syrup, but that's just me. Both toppings should be in your Camp Pantry for just such pancake occasions as these.

If you decide to do these, bring the dry ingredients pre-mixed and labeled in a ziploc.

Oatmeal Scratch Pancakes GoSoloCamp

Ingredients AND instructions:


  • 3/4 C rolled oats

  • 1 C buttermilk

Beat in:

  • 1/4 C flour

  • 1/2 tsp EACH sugar, baking soda, and salt

  • 1 Egg, beaten

This is a thin batter, which is right for oatmeal.

Make pancakes as you normally would over medium heat level in pre-warmed skillet with a little bit of butter or avocado oil.

Makes 6 @ 4" pancakes. Yes, you CAN eat them all! Or, save some in ziploc in the cooler and warm in foil over the campfire tomorrow, and all you need to turn the stove on for is to heat your coffee water. Handy!

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