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Camp Showers ~ What You Need To Know

Really? I need to know how to shower? Well, kind of. There is a trick to it.

Bring $10 cash when you camp - in $1 and quarters. You'll have it on hand for small purchases like ice, etc - also for showers, or for purchasing shower tokens.

You don't NEED to shower. I want to stress that! But if you want to, it's there.

Showers can be busy in the morning, and in the evening. I like to grab one when it's quieter ~ after a sweaty day of wandering, right before dinner. Or even for the ride home, after all the activity of breaking down camp.

Showers are available at most Washington campgrounds. They are located either in one, at most two, shower stalls at the end within the restrooms (ie, Seaquest State Park, Lake Easton State Park, Fort Flagler State Park) or in a very small separate room adjoining the restrooms, or a combo depending on which restroom you use (Millersylvania has both.) They are a rustic, but very gratifying amenity option for those warm summer months especially. Even when I am just out for two nights, I will frequently grab a shower somewhere in there. In so doing, I've learned a few things...

Wear your flip flops. You will have brought them, for a moment just such as this. And this isn't the time for layers. Just a shirt, shorts or jeans.

Have your shower items in a hangable container. Even if it's just a large ziploc with a hole punched in it. Some showers have a bench, or a ledge, some don't. But if not, all will have hooks you can use for your bag-o-stuff, and a towel, and your clothes.

Minimize what you need. I just bring a shampoo/conditioner combo, and it doubles as soap as well! The razor stays home.

The shower is a pay function. They vary in how they work. With some, the water only comes on once your quarters or tokens have been inserted. At other camps, the COLD water will come on all the time - but the HOT water is only accessed once you've inserted your payment.

It is timed. Use your water time wisely. :) Time varies, but it's typically around 3 minutes per token or quarter, or increment of same (read the notations before beginning.) Three minutes is a brisk pace for shower activity. So have all your items in the shower, have your clothes off, and be ready to GO before you put payment in!

Read the room. Often there is only 1 shower for many, many campers. If there are others waiting, towel in hand, please be courteous, and don't linger. Camp showers are about *efficiency*; luxuriate in a loooong hot shower when you get home.

Dry off your stuff and put away your shampoo, razor etc before you dry off YOU... or you are VERY likely to forget them.

Grab any unused quarters or tokens, or you are very likely to forget them as well ~ bonus for the next person, but you may not be feeling that generous. :)

Remember ~ there is NOTHING wrong about just being when solocamping; do what YOU feel like. There is just YOU to please. Camping is a great place to just let down and let it go. I kinda like the dirt.

"Cleanliness keeps up a free perspiration, renews the air, refreshes the blood, and even animates and enlivens the mind." ~ W. Aspinwall

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