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2BW #12 ~ Steak (with some of the Stuff You Want With It)

I frequently have steak when camping - It's an easy, satisfying, slightly decadent 2-Burner stove meal. I usually steam potatoes on the second burner, and have a salad - but this time I tried a sauté in the steak pan right after the steak - Mmmm!

Pictured: Both burners cookin'

I started the potatoes steaming on one burner (this time, purples!) and the steak sautéing in some garlic and some oil from the camp pantry and a bit of butter. I had a thick steak, so the plan was to serve it sort of flank-steak style, seared with a bit of cooking and then cut into slices, rather than a dig-in-as-a-steak thing. Once I had the good sear on both sides and some cooking, I set it aside in foil and added, kale, cut grape tomatoes, and a little anchovies filet leftover from pizza at home (you could also use prosciutto, also leftover from pizza - my son does some bougie pizzas) for a little tangy salt buzz. Let that cook just a minute or two to wilt, and add salt and pepper, and fork those potatoes - if they are done, cut the steak, and EAT! Recipe below the pics...

Pictured: The steak after flipping

Pictured: Sautéed kale and tomatoes make a bright and healthy side

Pictured: Purple potatoes, just for fun (I often bring Yellow Fin Fingerlings or little Yukons)

Pictured: Plated, now just needs a beverage and a fire...

Steak GoSoloCamp ~ one of the Many Ways


  • 1 steak of your choice - this was a New York strip

  • Oil from camp pantry (I like avocado oil)

  • 1 T or so of butter

  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed or minced (1 with steak, 1 with kale)

  • 2 packed cups washed kale (I get the ready-to-stirfry at Trader Joe's)

  • 1 handful grape tomatoes or mini heirlooms, sliced in half

  • (Optional) 1-2 Anchovy filets, chopped, or slivered Prosciutto


  • Cut up tomatoes in halves

  • Put potatoes on to team over water on 1 burner

  • Place a little oil with butter in camp skillet, add some garlic and the steak; sear on both sides over medium heat for a nice brown; should still be fairly pink in test in center, as it will continue to cook a bit in the foil.

  • Remove and keep warm in foil.

  • Wipe pan - add a bit more oil and butter, and more garlic

  • Add kale, tomatoes and optional ingredients to the pan

  • Sauté for a few minutes until kale is slightly wilted and tomatoes are slightly cooked (taste for done consistency to your liking) - salt and pepper to taste

  • Slice half the steak into slices, keep rest for another purpose (sandwiches, salad?) plate all together and serve with your favorite beer or cider and a side of campfire and dusk. YUM!

Pictured: Nothing beats a campfire dinner

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