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2BW #8 ~ Camp Classics - Spaghetti

Campfood Classics ~ Ahhhh... those things that we seem to crave especially when we think of camping. AND are so darn easy they can happen quickly after a long day of paddle boarding or geo-caching, meander hiking or camp-napping.

Pictured: Spaghetti with Trader Joe's Tomato Basil pasta sauce. Eaten RIGHT of the pot.

With Camp Classics, there really isn't a recipe. Just ingredients for you to remember to take. :) I like to make this on night #1, and have it for lunch on day #2, or both nights for dinner.

Camp Classic #2 - Spaghetti


  • Your favorite jarred tomato-based pasta sauce

  • Your favorite pasta from the camp pantry (I like spaghettini)

  • A little oil from the camp pantry

  • Optional: 1/2 lb ground beef or ground turkey, if you prefer a heartier dish

  • Optional: Minced garlic

  • Optional: Shredded or shaved parmesan or other cheese or chopped fresh basil to top

  • Water for cooking pasta

  1. If using meat, brown the meat in your larger skillet with garlic if desired; drain of excess oil

  2. Put pot of water to boil on other burner med-high heat; add a little oil

  3. Add jarred sauce to the meat, in skillet, or if having on its own, in small pot ; allow to simmer over med-low heat. As always, watch it - SO easy to burn the bottom!

  4. When pasta is cooked and sauce is gently bubbling, drain pasta

  5. Plate, add sauce and toppings if desired (or throw it all back in the pasta pot and put a dishtowel in your lap and eat it by the fire right out of the pot like I did :))

  6. Good accompaniments; French bread warmed in foil on the fire grate, with some of the minced garlic you brought mixed with butter; and a simple tossed green salad. OR just a second helping of spaghetti.

Pictured: Thick-sliced French bread foiled and warmed over the campfire. The campfire can burn hot, too, it doesn't take long to warm things up!

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