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Your inner


is worth

exploring and embracing

on your own.


Get outside ~

of limitations,

of your comfort zone, and literally.




A little bit about me~

I came early to camping, and then late to camping.  The important thing is that I got here.  I'd love to show you my map and compass.

In my mid-50's, I discovered the joy of solo camping. It was an intentional happy accident. You can read more about this in the How GoSoloCamp began blog.  Hit the Read More button, below. Want to find out how, and recipes, and gear, and more? Hit the "Read the Blogs" button. I'll add more each week, so come back. :)


So now by week, I am a print and fabrication account manager. By weekend, I am the Guru of GoSoloCamp, an advocate for everything one can learn and experience while outside on one's own.


It's different than camping with family, or friends, or a partner ~ all great stuff, too, for sure. But in those experiences, life equips you for camping.


The way I see it, solo camping equips you for life. 

I hope you'll go. I think you'll be hooked.


Why Go Solo Camp?

It, and this, are more than camping. 


It is about knowing you are worth it. Just you. Whatever your dream.


It is about knowing you are strong. That you have the strength and ingenuity to do it. By you, for you.


It is about knowing you are smart and resilient. That you can make good decisions when they are needed. That adversity will come, and you will deal with it. (And you will be proud of yourself, which is an excellent feeling.)


It is about knowing you can equip yourself. With what you need. In all the meanings of that, in every area of your life.


It is about the deep joy in making you, just you, a community that experiences good things, makes delicious memories that are some of your best, ever.


So ~ GoSoloCamp.

Planning & Provisions
What to Bring 
What to Do
Where to Go
How to Go About It


Whether you are looking to rent or buy, go on one trip or already want to go at least once a month, there is great stuff to know in here!  Planning & Provisions will be updated regularly, check back often for new info! Click the button to get the lists!

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